Whilst working at Theo + Theo myself and the team we were tasked with creating a distinctive and disruptive brand for Intersekt, Australia's first annual Fintech festival in Melbourne. Intersekt exists to elevate Australia's position as a leader in the global startup scene, and to foster a collaborative and creative global network between leaders in the Fintech sector. The festival includes a showcase of international Fintech speakers. The brand needed to be innovative and attractive to both festival speakers as well as attendees in order to ensure that the event was a success. Intersekt Festival is an event run by Fintech Australia, a national, not-for-profit organisation.


The brand idea makes tangible the idea of intersection, exploring overlapping and intersecting form in the word mark and graphic elements. A distinctive typographic style and single-minded colour palette created a unique and disruptive brand style that was highly identifiable. The brand mechanic was extended both to typographic and graphic treatments, including a complete icon set and logo animation.


We designed environmental elements and collateral for the festival, including oversized posters, pull-up banners, t-shirts, tote bags, brochures, flyers and lanyards, helping to create a vibrant event atmosphere.

Illustrations depicting the different facets of Fintech

Illustrations depicting the different facets of Fintech

A unique set of icons were created for the program of events

A unique set of icons were created for the program of events


Studio – Theo + Theo
Creative Director – Clare Theophane/James Theophane
Designers – Callum Templeman/Kat Leontyeva/Alex Mckenzie
Motion/Sound – Never Sit Still/Brendan Woithe

Agda – Merit – Small Branding/Brand Expression/Typography

My Role
– Concept ideation/creation
– Design development
– Iconography and illustration