NYC Spaghetti


NYC Spaghetti started as a university project, where we explored different ways to package everyday food items. My choice was spaghetti.


Rather than build a facade or pack around the spaghetti, I decided to make the product itself the focus. When tightly packed together the spaghetti began to take on sculpture like properties that when placed on different surfaces would create a like for like impression on top. 


This led to the idea of NYC Spaghetti, a series of skyscrapers around the world made out of our favourite Italian food. In this instance a model of the Chrysler building (created by Ben Thorpe) was modelled and pushed into the spaghetti creating a similar impression on top.


Although this project is only a concept at this stage it has been widely blogged, and featured in several packaging books too. 

University – UCLAN
3D Model – Ben Thorpe

Student D&AD – Distinction

My Role
– Ideation/concept