Re Rebrand


Re is a global branding consultancy born in Sydney, Australia. A part of the the M&C Saatchi group Re has shaped brands that span from the biggest of banks to the smallest of theatres. But in 2015 after huge growth and a new exec team at the helm Re needed a rebrand and redefined vision of its own.

Re believes brands should be built at the speed of culture, meaning they should shift and evolve, responding to the cultural zeitgeist. We built a brand that could do just that – adapt to its surroundings – while remaining unmistakably itself. Re was now able to go side-by-side with the big corporates or have a glass of wine with industry peers.

Inspired by Re’s latin meaning, ‘again and again’ we developed a number of simple animations, from the blinking cursor of the logo to the glitchy and constant animation of type everything nodded to the studio’s belief of ongoing iteration, and constant evolution. 


Project workings/tests

Working Board.jpg

Studio – RE
Creative Director – Chris Maclean
Design Director – Cat Van Der Werff
Design Director – Daniel Ioannou

Agda – Shortlist – Self Promotion

My Role
– Ideation/concept
– User Experience
– Design development